Mindfulness Sea

Sunrise or Sunset SUP Lesson and Tour – What an experience

What’s involved and who is this for? 

  • The session involves and introduction in SUPing and provides participants with the basic knowledge required to join us on the water for our fully supervised session. When we get the basics down we then move around the coastline of Dunmore East. Plenty of splashing involved (best part of it).
  • This session is delivered at Sunrise or Sunset
  • Suitable for all age and experience levels. Individuals, Groups and Families  

Duration, Cost & What We Supply 

  • Allow 2 hrs for this session from when we meet to when you leave. There will be approximately 1.5 hrs on the water (dependent on various factors).
  • 55 pp
  • All equipment is supplied but we recommend if you have your own wetsuit to bring it along.     

Lesson Plan and Structure

The main plan is to relax and enjoy yourself. Outside of that it looks like this. 

  • Meet
  • Complete waivers and change
  • Safety demo on the  beach
  • Basic paddling techniques (From kneeling)
  • Move to specific area in the water and sit while the sun rises or sets
  • Falling in, floating and remounting
  • Basic paddling techniques (From Standing – no hurry on this only when you are ready)
  • Off on tour around the coastal area

Other things to remember

  • Weather conditions need to be spot on for visibility and we are very particular that our customers get the full experience of sunrise or sunset. Sometimes we may need to cancel and re-schedule the session and sometimes on short notice.  
  • If you are nervous of the water then let us know. This is completely natural and also common. We will guide you through at a pace that suits you and also more than likely reduce your fear of the water (at no extra charge).  
  • If you have a wetsuit bring it along. If not no probs – we supply.
  • Apply plenty of sunscreen all over. Kids should wear a hat also and towels are required.
  • Be sure to have eaten and are fully hydrated before the session
  • Please advise of any medical conditions or specific requirements you may have  
  • If we are supplying a wetsuit we will take your size during the booking stage so arrive in swin-wear under your clothes and slip into wetsuit on the beach over your swim-wear
  • Leave all valuables in your car and we will hold your keys along with any bags you have clothes in.
  • Allow plenty of time for parking. Dunmore East is extremely busy in the summer season and parking can be difficult to get
  • Always remember we are dealing with tides, sea and Environmental sea conditions. Our schedule can move slightly to suit mother nature.
  • Safety first. We operate within certain conditions. If the weather changes during the session or beforehand we may need to re-scheudle.  
  • Be sure to bring extra clothes to change into. Can be colder early in the morning or later at night.