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Continuing with our ‘Blue Mind’ approach Dunmore East Sup and Yoga offers a unique coastal yoga experience. 

From sunrise yoga on the shores of Dunmore East to private lessons on the cliffs of the famous Dunmore Cliff walk.  We offer a wide range of Yoga lessons for all levels.

Absolute Beginners Yoga

Never had your feet on a Yoga mat before, Mary is on hand to bring you through the basics and will have you moving through gentle poses within your first class.  Coupled with the sound of the waves makes for a truly memorable experience

Parent and Child Yoga

Why not bring the kiddys along and spend some quality time practicing the ancient art of Yoga on the warm sand.   It’s a fun experience and the kids love watching Mum or Dad doing their best ‘Down Dog’ with them.

Breath Practice & Meditation

There is truly nothing like meditating on a Paddle Board as it  gently moves with the waves.  Mary offers a unique Meditation and Savasana practice in the water or on the sand.